Eka Maya Kurniasih
July 29, 2016
Angka Mahardini
July 29, 2016

Yuliana Fitri Syamsuni

yuliResearch Fellow: 2014-2015
Currently enrolled as Ph.D. student at University of Bremen

I am an IBRC research fellow from 2014, working on seagrass genetic research. I had the opportunity to join several trainings during my fellowship that one of them is the environmental DNA (eDNA) workshops in Bali and Wales (UK) in may and September 2015 which in the frame of a collaboration project with Bangor University (UK) and UCLA (USA). I find this topic and training activities are interesting as it is a progressive new method to assess the biodiversity of an environment. Just by taking water or soil samples or even animal fecal substances, we can detect what species are living in the environment. This approach allows us to discover a rare species without we need to find the animals and sample them. Through this workshop, I hope that we can implement the method to assess our biodiversity widely and pass the knowledge to other academic fellows.

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