Angka Mahardini
July 29, 2016
Samsul Bahri
July 29, 2016

Rizki Wulandari

wulanResearch Fellow: 2012-2015
Currently enrolled as master student at San Diego State University

I was so fortunate to join as a research fellow at IBRC after I finished my undergrad in Biology from Diponegoro University in 2012. Working with remarkable scientist from the US, I was able to build my confidence and had a strong optimism to be a greater scientist in the future.

My passion in coral reefs studies and microbiology was facilitated through the program conducted at IBRC. Intensive training on marine biodiversity inventory, molecular ecology, and bioinformatics was successfully gained my knowledge and keep me updated in science. I gratefully thank IBRC for the support until now I become a Master’s student and able to work with one of the PIRE project’s PI at San Diego State University in California.

Ultimately, the opportunity to create a network with local and international organizations brought me to the point that would not be possible without the existence of IBRC.

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